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Who are prognostix?

PrognostiX is a business formed through the collaborative association between veterinary surgeons, hardware and software engineers and data analysts.

We set out to create a simple and cost effective piece of software that progressive farmers will be able to access information in an easy to read format. This software provides a decision making platform that allows for rapid and informed management changes to facilitiate improved health and welfare.

Smart technology is still in its infancy in agriculture, however, the utilisation of recent IoT development allows for the collection of real-time data from wireless sensors located around working farms.

The veterinary surgeon, nutritionist and farm advisors can all the granted access to the system by the farmer and this can help with communication through remote monitoring of performance, health and welfare. One of the great advantages of remote monitoring is the ability to improve biosecurity  on farms as advisors can access information without visiting.

The system aims to deliver a paperless exchange of information, signifying minimal data input for the farmer, is flexible to be tailored to individual farms and the Predict & Prevent Platform has been developed to be able to accept and integrate other solutions and provide a one stop visualisation.

How do we collect the information

  • Wireless sensor technology applications
  • Data digitalisation, automated inputs
  • Integration with other solutions
  • Manual input via both on and offline direct to the platform

How do we communicate, send and receive information

  • Utilisation of existing and developing communications technologies
  • Deployment of high speed 4G connectivity.
  • Deployment of IoT multi-protocol communications technologies focused on long range and lower power consumption

What do we do with the information

  • We manage the information for the Farmer, Producer, Processor and Industry
  • Deployment and development with our partner of appropriate industry leading data standards
  • Data Security and anonymisation
  • Predict and Prevent, Deep Data Analytic Tools
  • Key interfaces in the supply chain, including such as Block-chain and other supply chain integration solutions
  • Ownership of the information will always remain with the originator of the information source

Benefits of the system

  • Improves data capture (manual and automatic)
  • Facilitates easy crop/house/site comparisons within single or multi-site businesses
  • Allows better transparency for medications from farm to slaughterhouse
  • Allows you to track and trace performance and associated interaction, leading to better efficiency and greater profits

Predict and Prevent Platform

The data captured from all the sensors is clearly visualised through our PrognostiX software application and can be integrated into other existing software platforms.

Tracking and analysing performance is a key aim with the Predict & Prevent Platform. The solution measures and compares key environmental and health indicators captured by the sensors or manually input via a mobile tablet device to improve efficiency and allow for rapid and informed on farm management decisions.

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