Predict & Prevent Platform

The data captured from all the sensors is clearly visualised through our PrognostiX software application and can be integrated into other existing software platforms.

Tracking and analysing performance is a key aim with the Predict & Prevent Platform. The solution measures and compares key environmental and health indicators captured by the sensors or manually input via a mobile tablet device to improve efficiency and allow for rapid and informed on farm management decisions.

Key Features

  • The platform allows users to quickly access information for multiple crop cycles or herds across hundreds of farms across the UK via a single dashboard anywhere in the world
  • Customise able to fit the farmer’s and business exact requirements
  • Clear visual representation of the data
  • Software instantly transforms data inputs into clear, visual representations that enable users to monitor performance over time and quickly identify trends or discrepancies
  • Users can monitor a variety of areas such as performance, environment, productivity and compliance for any farm, shed or cycle
  • In-built alert system allows user to easily identify where data readings fall outside thresholds i.e. where performance is off target

Areas that can be monitored via sensor and or manual input

  • Performance: weight, water consumption, litter, hours of dark, feed consumption, FCR and feed grams per chicken, mortality, stocking density
  • Environment: temperature, humidity, ammonia, carbon dioxide, air pressure, light intensity
  • Compliance: Vital equipment, checks, customer complaints, lone worker compliance, maintain training records and display key policy documents. Manage tasks and jobs for all staff
  • Bio-security: Ability to record all visits to the farm, staff time and attendance and an audit trail of checks in each house


  • Compare performances across different farm locations, flocks/herds and cycles to identify factors that are having both a positive and negative impact on productivity and the animals’ welfare
  • Farmers, nutritionists, field service teams and vets can use this knowledge to help inform changes that will improve performance

Alert System

  • System offers the ability to set thresholds i.e. upper and lower limits for readings
  • Any readings that fall outside of thresholds indicate a problem
  • System will automatically notify staff when something is not quite right allowing users to proactively manage welfare of the animals
  • Alerts can be sent via e-mail, banner and timeline messages on the portal dashboard

Mobile Capabilities

  • Mobile applicable dashboard to allow staff to access and transmit vital information using their mobile tablet device
  • This helps to avoid unnecessary paperwork by giving users the ability to submit manually gathered data such as weight and mortality in real-time via customised forms accessed on their portable tablet device

Staying Compliant

  • Stores all of the information the client requires to demonstrate compliance
  • Users can locate any records they may require by entering specific search criteria

Job Management

  • Complete transparency of tasks
  • Attach notes to daily checks and tasks completed
  • See when jobs have been completed and what tasks

The Predict & Prevent Dashboard

We are able to develop solutions to meet individual farm requirements.

Contact us today to find out more information about the sensors and the Predict & Prevent Platform.

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