Wireless Water Meter

The water meter is a low cost solution, enabling cost effective multiple meter installation. Allows you to remotely and easily measure and monitor your livestock’s water consumption. Wireless technology combined with extended battery life enables rapid meter installation and portability.

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Key Features:

  • Long range wireless data transmission ideal for both indoor (>1 Km) and outdoor locations (>10 Km)
  • Optical detection of the water meter rotating gear movement
  • Magnetic detection of the water meter magnetic dial movement
  • Pre-installed long-life battery
  • Water metering
  • Backflow detection
  • Removal detection
  • Tamper alert
  • Leakage/usage detection
  • Configurable reporting interval
  • Maintenance free – install and forget
  • Easy installation
  • Average life 10 years
  • Secure communication
  • Length 80mm up to 130mm


By monitoring this vital input you can ensure optimum access, refine the location of your water line or trough location, design, cleaning protocols, and water quality in order to better evaluate your livestock’s health and performance.


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